Matt Lapinskas Chats About 'Beyond Therapy' Tour

Monday, 12th August 2019

Former EastEnders star Matt Lapinskas chats all about the upcoming 'Beyond Therapy' theatre tour, which comes to Colne this October...

What has been the highlight of your acting career to date?

The highlight is being able to work in the industry I love and have a passion for – to learn at every job and to be creative. 

What was it like to be in Eastenders?

It was a fantastic experience – and my first job out of drama school, so I was still learning. The job itself was amazing to work with such terrific people both on and off set. It was nice to have a good run at such a great role.

What would be your dream part in any show?

There are many dream parts I’d love to play, but as long as I’m acting and doing what I love to do, every job is a dream role.

What attracted you to this production?

I love plays and wanted to be a part of this straight away. It’s a very funny piece, but with a very true message underneath.

What do you love/hate about your character?

I think Stuart is great; he is very macho and egotistical, but also has very deep demons inside. That’s where he is not comfortable with himself - and he puts that onto other people.

Are you basing your character on anyone you know, if not, how do you come up with your character?

Due to the fact that I’m doing a Texan accent for this play, I am basing a little bit of Stuart’s characteristics on Matthew McConaughay and his laid-back attitude. There is also someone else I’m basing it around, but I’d rather not say who they are as they might be reading this and come to see it!

What is your favourite line in the play?

My favourite line is:- “you’re mighty attractive when you’re angry”.

What do you love doing most away from the theatre?

Time with my family and friends, football, golf and going to the gym take up most of my time, but I’m mainly looking after our dogs Buddy and Lennon.

Who would love this play and why should they come to see it?

I think it’s a great comedy for everybody to see and it’s also great that you don’t have to travel to London to see a high-quality play - it’s right on your doorstep; so I’d say get yourself along and have an enjoyable evening. You won’t be disappointed!

See 'Beyond Therapy' at the Muni Theatre in Colne this October. Click here to buy tickets online.

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