Halloween is Coming Early to Colne!

Wednesday, 29th September 2021

Halloween is coming one night early to Colne this year as the most talked about haunter since ‘The Woman in Black’ is coming to haunt our Edwardian theatre on Saturday, 30th October!

The Haunting of Blaine Manor is set in England in 1953. It tells the story of renowned American parapsychologist, Doctor Roy Earle - famous for discrediting hauntings and exposing fake mediums. Earle is invited to attend a séance at Blaine Manor – the most haunted building in England - but his arrival at the manor awakens something horrific within the building.

Written and directed by Joe O’Bryne, in the spirit of M.R James (the UK’s most prolific ghost story writer) and with a nod to classic black and white horror films, The Haunting of Blaine Manor is O’Bryne’s first period piece.

Joe’s award-winning production leaves behind the modern world of his critically acclaimed ‘Tales from Paradise Heights’ series of plays and films, to bring you this haunting period play that’s perfect for this time of year!

Featuring a firecracker cast of Peter Slater, Jo Haydock, Phil Dennison, Andrew Yates, Ed Barry and Joe O’Bryne himself, the play also features an original and chilling sound design and haunting title theme by Justin Witherill.

The play has received rave reviews:

Come and see The Haunting of Blaine Manor this Halloween weekend… if you dare!

Tickets available to buy online now.

Watch the audience reaction to the show:

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